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Evangelistic House of Prayer Builds Houses For The Homeless

March 15, 2016

Dear Friend:

Did you know that on any given night there are approximately 564,708 homeless people in the US?  About 15% of them are classified as "chronically homeless".  These are men, women, children, the elderly, veterans etc.  Many Americans are one medical problem, one natural disaster, one lost paycheck or two away from being homeless themselves! Perhaps you or someone you love can relate.

Just imagine being outdoors 24/7, digging through garbage or begging for your meals, no place to get out of the elements, no warm bed to sleep in, no comfortable place to use the bathroom, cook or even shower!   You want to work for a better life, but every time you apply you are turned down because you don’t have an address, you are disabled, or you are just “too old”!

As pastor of Evangelistic House of Prayer, I am excited to tell you that God has opened doors for us to help the homeless with housing.  We are starting with homeless veterans and will be expanding to help other area homeless as well.  The project will begin in Savannah, but we plan to expand it abroad to other areas wherever there is a need.

How are we helping the homeless you might ask?  We are building tiny homes fully equipped with all of the necessities of life to help homeless men, women and children live with dignity.  Tiny houses are cost effective, each house costing around 7,000 dollars each. (We keep costs low by using volunteer labor for the construction.)  Tiny homes offer privacy, dignity and a sense of community to homeless individuals and families, and the verifiable, stable address helps them to obtain and maintain adequate employment.

You can help with your most generous donation (Whatever amount the Lord lays on your heart).    You can send your donation via PayPal to

You can also deposit the funds directly into our church account (Evangelistic House of Prayer Account number 0005224861011) at BB&T.   If you use this option, make sure to call us at 843.301.2143 and let us know you would like this donation to go to our “Houses 4 Homeless” project.  

Last but not least, you may simply mail your check or money order made payable to Evangelistic House of Prayer to:

Houses 4 Homeless

C/O Evangelistic House of Prayer

PO Box 21204

Hilton Head, SC 29925

We thank you in advance for helping us help the homeless!  

Apostle Elijah Murray


Evangelistic House of Prayer